The Fluke Norma 6000 Series Portable Wideband Precision Power Analysers give you more freedom than ever before to make high accuracy power measurements wherever you need to—whether in the lab, or in the field. Designed for portability the lightweight,
battery powered Fluke 6000 Series eliminates the need to carry large, fragile, expensive analysers into the field, allowing you to make measurements directly at the load in nearly any environment. By measuring directly at the load, you can discover how the equipment operates under real-world conditions, with real-world variables, not just at a test bench or in the lab.

The Fluke 6003 includes three measurement channels which each consist of a voltage and current input making it ideal for three-phase power measurements. The Fluke 6004 includes four measurement channels giving it the capability to measure three phase power and DC power simultaneously to enable real-time inverter efficiency measurements under real-world conditions. The Fluke 6003+ and 6004+ models both add the capability to measure mechanical parameters such as speed and torque (from separate transducers) to discover the electrical to mechanical efficiency of the load under a variety of typical operating modes. With the addition of optional measurement accessories, you can
even make measurements up to 1,500V DC and 2,000A AC+DC on conductors with a diameter of up to 52mm.

The instrument’s compact, battery-powered design combined with a wide-band frequency response makes it easier than ever to make measurements on hard to access systems such as inverter drive systems, DC-AC and AC-DC power conversion systems and
electric motors without removing them from service. Making these measurements in the field simplifies the troubleshooting and performance measurement processes without sacrificing up time, giving you more accurate test results that will enable you to discover
whether your loads are operating as effectively and efficiently as they should be.

• Highly portable and easily installed in tight spaces—only 9.6 cm thick.
• Operate continuously for up to 10 hours without an external power supply using the 5000mAh Li-ion Internal Battery.
• Measure safely—safety rated for CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V environments.
• Measure three phase power and DC output power at the same time with 3 or 4 channel models, with voltage and current inputs on each channel.
• Make mechanical torque and speed measurements using the included inputs and outputs of the Fluke 6003+ and 6004+.

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NEW Fluke Norma 6000 Series Portable Wideband Precision Power Analyser

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