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Frequently Asked Questions from Individuals

  • I want to be a member of the Livesparks community, how do I register?

    Click here and enter your details. It’s as simple as that!

  • Do I need to pay to be a member of the Livesparks community?

    Livesparks is free for all individual users!

    No hidden fees, no ‘pay to play’ and no waiting limits. What more could you ask for?

  • Why should I be a registered member of the Livesparks community?

    A registered member of the Livesparks community has the ability to access news, events, jobs and discussions with other members for all things electrical. Refer to our Member Benefits page for everything available to our members.

  • How do I win the competition?

    To enter, you need to be registered and logged into your account. Any post you create or comment you leave will give you an entry into the draw.

    The top 3 entrants to post the highest quantity of community posts win gift cards. There is also a prize for the entrant with the most liked community post. Refer our T&Cs for further details.

    The sooner you enter, the greater your chance of winning!

  • How do I contact someone if I have ideas to improve the website?

    Feel free to send us a message via our contact form.

    We read all messages and we’re willing to look into any suggestions you may provide. After all, you’ll be the one using the site.

  • How do I invite others to join the Livesparks community?

    There are plenty of ways to share the site and your experiences with your friends, from the social media icons on each of the posts, to simply giving them a link to the site.

    Additionally, you can Invite a Friend via My Account, and send an invite to everyone you know who would benefit from joining a community of like minded individuals.

  • I've forgotten my password/username. What do I do?

    Firstly, don’t panic. Here are some steps you can follow:

    1. If you can’t remember your username, then try logging in with the email address you signed up with instead.
    2. If you’ve forgotten your password, then you can use the forgotten my password, and an automated email will be sent to you to help with resetting your password.
    3. If you still can’t log in, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be able to update your email address or reset your password over the phone.

    Old passwords aren’t recoverable by our team, and if your account was deleted, then you will need to register again.

  • How do I update my profile?

    Your profile can be updated easily via My Account. Here you can choose to edit the visible parts of your profile, your contact information, your email or your password, as well as upload a resume or profile picture.

Frequently Asked Questions from Businesses